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About Maternal Healthcare International

Maternal Healthcare International is a US-based Missions Organization and was founded in 2019.


At Maternal Healthcare International we believe that everyone woman has the right to clean, professional, affordable, and respectful Maternity Care. We also believe in the healing power of respect and anonymous birth, as well as in the power of individual relationships.


Midwives are uniquely positioned to develop deep personal relationships with the women whom they serve due to the intimate nature of their work.

Midwives have the opportunity to walk with women through some of the best and worst moments in their lives and care for women physically and spiritually and emotionally. Because of the intimate nature of this relationship, midwives have an incredible opportunity to share the truth and love of the Gospel in a deep and personal way with the women they serve.


Throughout the scriptures, we witness the incredible role of midwives and of women. The midwives of the old testament feared God, and when they faced persecution from the Egyptians they were in a unique position to save thousands of lives.

In the new testament, we see God place His one and only son into the womb of a woman to be birthed into this world just as with all other humankind. There is something deeply spiritual about labor and birth, a process that points to the sovereignty of God. Midwives are an essential part of community healthcare.


Unfortunately, Haiti remains an incredibly dangerous place to be pregnant, with statistics showing Haiti to have
the highest mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere for both mothers and babies. More midwives, who are well trained, compassionate, and God-fearing, and more safe and
respectful maternity centers are desperately needed in Haiti.


Our goal is to continue to invest in Haitian midwives and develop Maternity Centers that will provide both job opportunities and a safe and caring environment for women. Midwives are special and trusted members of a community with a unique opportunity to minister. We encourage and equip all the midwives we work with and work alongside to be actively praying for and ministering to the women whom they serve.

Maternal Healthcare International's Statement of Faith

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