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Thank you so much for your interest in the NARM Candidate Information Booklet-based study guide! My name is Katie Connor, and I have been a CPM since 2018, and now live and work full time in Haiti educating Haitian Midwives. All proceeds from this study guide go towards helping fund my work here in Haiti. 


I wanted to give you a little background and explain the methodology behind this study guide. I originally made the study guide as I was preparing for the NARM exam myself back in 2018. I downloaded the Written Test Specifications portion of the Candidate Information Booklet and began filling it in with information from NARM recommended textbooks. I am pleased to say that I passed the NARM Exam on my first attempt in June of 2018.


After passing the exam a lot of people had questions about what worked well for me, and how I went about studying for the exam. As I shared about the study guide I had created for myself I started getting questions from people asking about purchasing the study guide.


I have updated the study guide twice now, most recently in January of 2023. One thing that was very important to me was that all the information in the study guide was cited, so that anyone who purchased the study guide would know exactly where the information came from, and could reference the text for further information.  


You’ll notice that I have not given every bullet point on the study guide an “answer”. Some bullet points simply don’t need an answer, the bullet point is the answer in and of itself. Some bullets are more nuanced and there just isn’t a good “textbook” answer for them. And some just seem like an “answer” isn’t necessary, for example: “blood pressure cuff” I didn’t feel it was necessary to describe a BP cuff. I have also added space after each bullet so that you can add additional information if you so desire.


However it was important to me that I still wanted to include every bullet from the CIB so that anyone can look at the study guide and know exactly what all is expected of them on the NARM Exam. 


This is not a professionally edited document, you may run across some spelling or formatting errors and for that I apologize. Overall I hope to find it to be a useful resource for you as you prepare for the NARM exam! I encourage you to print this study guide and use it as a jumping off point in your studies.


Please feel free to reach out with me with any questions or feedback.

NARM CIB Study Guide

Sales Tax Included
  • Pdf. 103 Pages.

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